About D'Marie Cosmetics

:hearts:All soaps are VEGAN :hearts: Handmade in small batches for the best quality control :hearts: Never tested on animals :hearts: Free of harsh ingredients: NO GMOs, NO mineral Oil, NO parabens, NO sulfates, NO heavy silicone, Gluten free.


About D'Marie Cosmetics

:hearts: All soaps are VEGAN

:hearts: Never tested on animals

:hearts:  Free of harsh ingredients: NO GMOs, NO mineral Oil, NO parabens, NO sulfates, NO heavy silicone, No artificial colors, Gluten free.

:hearts: Our Spa Luxury Collection products are all handmade in small batches for the best quality control

Our Story

D'Marie product line is intimate! Very well thought out! This line is special! The product line is named after my deceased mother. She earned her wings in 2020 after a short battle with COVID-19. It was very heartbreaking then, and also today not being able to visibly see her sweet face in the physical. Thankfully her spirit is very strong and because of that, I feel her presence still!

Since the birthing of D'Marie Cosmetics, I have spent many hours in my little lab making sure the formulation, blending, liquid filling, and scents are as sweet as she was! Her favorite color was purple because of that there will be several natural products that compliment that!

The HER, DIAMOND, and SPA LUXURY COLLECTION is just the "Ice Breaker" celebration for D’MARIE Cosmetics Line! Stay tuned, I have just dived in…

“When your passion and drive is BIGGER than your FEARS you just dive!”
Viola Davis

Style Loft

HER Collection

Featuring our ALL NEW LIPGLOSS! This all-new VEGAN and plant-based formula comes in a variety of shades and intensity levels for every skin tone and preference.
Our new formula is light, moisturizing and never sticky.
You're going to love it!
TINTED LIP BALM - a little hint of color in a moisturizing base
Lip Stick- Vegan, never dry or sticky colors to suit your mood.

Diamond & Pearls - Limited Edition

Diamond Collection

Queen Collection

Style Loft

Spa Luxury Collection

Dream In Flowers - Shower Steamer

Bath Salts


Style Loft

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